According to the Telecommunicate document of 2017 by MOFA, the C2C markets like “Uber” and “Airbnb” are going to increase its size to 335 billion dollars in 2025 from 15 billion dollars in 2013. Therefore, this is a very potential business model to pursue, and our company's direct focus is on this future market especially the market called “c2c@place” which allows users to meet each other at a designated place.

Each of the C2C's feature has its own framework


Add images; direct chat support from operators;
send messages to filtered people; group chat; and Share to SNS.


Be able to review the users who you met
and based on your rating, the system will recommend
them to you in the your future events


Advance credit card payment system
allows you to pay before or after the event;
pay together or separate.



Notification system can notify you all newest events
on your lock screen, home icon badge.


All features of our C2C applications can be monitored and managed on a dashboard, which allows us to analyze all data of the application so that we can determine right marketing strategies for the service.

Various management features
Booking, members, stores, payments,
chat dialogs, delivery, tags, 
FAQ, etc.



Members, in-app behavior, KPI settings, etc.


Fast release with just 1/10 development costs

Development of C2C application includes design and specification creation to building the infrastructure, backend, android, iOS and so on. To note, the basic functional requirements are expensive in time and money prior to application growth. This is also the problem for most startup company but fortunately, we have found a great solution. Our standard example of a startup model C2C application can be launched with initial 10 million yen, the first basic phase of the app can be launched in 3 months with 1% revenue.