C2CMatching@Place: Directly connect customer to customer at designated location app

100 apps for 2020

Our goal is to release 100 C2C apps by 2020.


Global market

Starting from Japan, we are expanding to the rest of Asia, North America
and finally conquer the world.

Customer support center

Customer support takes a very important part on the success of the service. Therefore, we build up our strong operation teams along with our apps right in the countries where the services are provided.


What is C to C Matching

C to C matching e-commerce is a revolution that connects users to users. It has changed the world's view on traditional business model in recent years.



Dreaming to become Silicon Valley of Asia, our goal is to change people's lifestyles better through technology. With the innovative business minds and highly trained developers based in Vietnam and Japan, we all come together as a big family to make our dream comes true


Currently, our development bases are in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Vietnam and North America. Our plan is to open more offices in other Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, ... for not only to gather more qualified engineers, but also to learn and understand the different business environment of each country.


Like Uber and Airbnb, our base business module is C2C e-commerce module. However, we are not stopping at only one model but building a general framework that can qualify any lifestyles, any aspects of life. From restaurant to beauty salon, from fashion shop to language school, we make sure our model can meet any of our client's requirements. 


Our global plan is to show how much we value the diversity of the world. For us, working with people from all over the world will not only bringing more talents, ideas to the company, but also helping us understanding more about cultural savvy which is a huge advantage if we know exactly the characteristic, the trends, the needs of each different market. Our team welcomes all employees no matter what their sex, nationality, and religious beliefs.